Personalized Map for travelers

Best gift for traveler

Are you stuck for gift ideas for a friend or loved one who loves to travel? Well, the good news is that there is an item that will be enjoyed by travelers, no matter what their age or gender might be.  And that item is a personalized map gift. There’s no other item on the market today that’s the same as personalized world map gifts for travelers.
And when it comes to a personalized map gift, you should buy world scratch map for your traveler friend or loved one. The receiver can simply scratch off the foil from the countries that one has already visited. When the foil is off, it will reveal a bright color with the name of the country. Some countries also feature a tourist destination in the design. For instance, France also shows a drawing of the Eiffel Tower in the map.

Scratching the map with our "mediator"

World map gifts for travelers are perfect for people who want to show off where they have travelled. The scratch map can be framed and hanged up on the wall. Whether it is in the den, bedroom, or the living room, the personalized map gift will become the focal point of the space. It is large enough to allow people to see where you have been.

What Makes World Map Gifts the Best for Travelers?

Travel map gifts are perfect for your travelling buddies because they can use the maps to show where they went. It will be a reminder of their trips. The design is well made, but travelers can make the map more personal by making it something like a scrapbook. You can add a photo in one of the empty spaces in the map, and connect it with a string to the country where it was taken. Choose a photo that best represents the time you have spent in that particular place.


The personalized map gift will also serve as an inspiration for future travels. A person can easily see the places where one has not been before. It can serve as a travel destination map that will provide ideas to a traveler for one’s next trip. The traveler can immediately tell the countries that one hasn’t visited yet.

While the travel map gift might look dull at first with its gray and blue color, it will become colorful over time. Every time one travels to a new place, scratch it off the map to reveal a bright color. The more countries one has visited, the more colorful the map will become.


There are lots of options to choose from when you buy world scratch map. However, if you are looking for world class quality at affordable prices, then check out Scratchy Maps. They offer world map gifts for travelers that come in a tube packaging. The tube will not only protect the world map gift during transit, the tube also doubles as a gift box. And that’s why it is one of the best world map gift ideas for travelers.