How and Where to hang the map

A scratch map is an excellent addition to every traveler’s home. These maps make it easy to show all the places that you have been. They come in various sizes, and for different areas of the world. The questions once you have the scratch map are: how to hang the map and where to hang the map. Here are some ways to hang scratch maps, and suggestions for areas of your home that could be a great fit for a scratch map.


There are a few different methods used to hang scratch maps. The most common is the use of double-sided tape that is removable. The tape holds the map to the wall until the map needs to be moved or taken down. The problem is that the double-sided tape can damage the back of the map.


The next method is to use sticky tack. This works because the sticky tack is strong enough to hold the map, while not damaging the wall or the map. The sticky tack can become unstuck when the map is being scratched but can be reattached to the wall with no problems.


The best method of hanging scratch maps is to use a picture frame that fits the map. You will need to find a picture that is the right size or is larger than the map. If the picture frame has glass, remove it as you want to able to scratch the map easily. If the picture frame is too large, you can mat the map on a piece of poster board to cover the extra space in the frame. You can use tape or glue to mat the map to the poster board.


Where to Hang It

A popular area to hang scratch maps is the living room. This allows you to show off the map, and remind you of all the areas that you have been. The living room is also a great area since your visitors are more likely to see the map and ask about it.

Hanging a map in an office space is also a popular area. This can tie your office space together. The map can also help you work harder, so you can take another trip in the future.

Scratchy map on the wall 2

Bedrooms are a popular room to hang maps for those that travel a lot or dream of travelling in the future. A map is a great but simple piece of wall art, making it great for the bedroom.

Scratchy map On the Wall

There is no one best area to hang scratch maps, as every traveler is different, and so is their home. Take the time to look around your home and find the best space for the map. You could find a few different spots, so try each one until you find the area you are happy with.

If you are looking for a great gift idea, buy a scratch map for travelers that you know. Scratch maps are great display pieces and look great in all areas of a home. Just remember, when you give scratch maps as a gift, you should also provide the hanging tools.