How to Use a Scratch Map

Whether you are a travel-freak, who spends most of their year away from home on travel expeditions or you are just a regular traveler, say during summer or over the holidays, you definitely need a scratch map. How are you able to keep track of all the places you have already been to? How will you prove to your friends and/or family that you have been to different parts of the world?

What Is a Scratch map?

This is a sheet of gloss paper on which the world map is printed on, that is designed for travelers, to help them mark out the places they have already toured around the world. A scratch map from is safely shipped inside a beautiful world-map tube that can be used to store the map as you travel.

Scratchy map of the world with tube

How to Scratch

A new scratch map from is made up of the gray-blue color similar to what you would get on, say a lottery ticket before you scratch it and reveal the lottery numbers. A scratch map works on similar principles, in order to mark a country that you have already visited; you gently scratch the gray-blue layer of color on top of the specific country using a blunt metal object such as a coin. By doing so, you will reveal a different, more bright color which will indicate that you have travelled to that country.

Scratching the map with our "mediator"

Why You Need a Scratch Map of World

1. Travel Record

Sometimes keeping track of all the places you have been to is almost impossible, especially for those of us that travel a lot during the year. This is basically why you need a scratch map. You will be able to accurately keep track of all the countries that you have visited and safely store such precious memories.

2. Decorative Purposes

A scratch map is not only used as a travelling piece, it can also be hung at home when you are not travelling and act as a decorative piece next to you family portrait. Moreover, when you scratch out a country you have travel; a beautiful, bright color is revealed, therefore, a scratch map is sure to add color and vibrancy on your wall at home.

 3. Inspiration

When you have travelled to a certain country and scratched it out on the scratch map of world, you feel a certain level of achievement which will inspire you to travel to another country. Just like a trophy cabinet that is designed to inspire you to achieve more and earn more trophies, a scratch map will inspire you to travel to more countries.

In conclusion, the next time you plan to tour the world or go to certain country, make sure you include a scratch map on your travel itinerary.